Menu of Services

Hair Design:                               Hair Relaxers:      

Women's Cut     $35-$50           New application      $100-$140
Men's Cut          $25-$30           w/blow dry
Child(under 12)  $15-$25          w/cut                     $110-$160
Wash and Style  $25-$40           Retouch application  $80-$120
Formal updo      $65 and up       w/blowdry
Formal style      $40 and up       w/cut                     $90-$130
Bridal hair         $90 and up                                 
with trial           extra $60          Perm                      $70-$90
                                               w/blow dry 
Colour Services:                     w/cut                     $90-$120
Single Process   $65-$80           Hair Treatment        $35
w/ blow dry                              w/blow dry
w/ hair cut        $80-$100
Retouch roots    $55-$70         Weave                   $110-$120
w/ blow dry                            cutting them to blend in with
w/ hair cut        $75-$90         natural hair

Foils Partial       $75-$85          Glued in                  $75-$85
w/ blow dry
w/ hair cut        $85-$95         Normal braids          $30 and up

Full Head Foils   $80-$120
w/ blow dry                           
w/haircut         $90-$140                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Colour and Foils
Partial w/blowdry $100-$140
Colour and full
Head Foils w/cut  $110-$150   *For all colour services, the toner
Bleach application $90-$130    is included with the price                
w/blow dry                             
*Visit the Bridal and Wedding Hair
page for bridal hair photos and details
w/cut                  $100-$140   
*DEBIT is available or CASH

Bleach roots        $70-$110              
w/blow dry
w/cut                  $80-$140